The Winding Road

Here’s a new song about adventures and misadventures. Students from NUS would be familiar with the long winding path that stretches out from Utown to the bus stop – cues photo below! 🙂


Sometime in sophomore year, in the middle of the night after one dreary day of school, this little tune seeped into my mind. What’s it about? It speaks of being in the middle of a road to nowhere. Imagine starting out being so dead sure about your passions, your decisions. But along the way, you start realising that hmm perhaps that’s not quite what you wanted. It’s one of those dreaded moments when you go – oh shit, I think it’s the wrong way. And there’s nothing worse than feeling that there’re no hopes of turning back to where you started.

I picked this original to publish for the first month of 2018 because I foresee finding myself and all other soon-to-be graduates in such situations a lot this year. In the here and now, I’m thankful that my interests have stayed rather consistent thus far – be it for songwriting or for Sociology. But who knows where post-graduation would take all of us?

I simply hope that all my friends and I would find ourselves on roads that fulfil our hearts’ desires. And “If (we) find that (we’re) not, I hope (we) have the courage to start all over again.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.


I’ll be on my way to the yellow brick road
I’ve heard a calling in my wildest dream I swear
I’ve packed my bags I’m all ready to go
I’ll be gone by the time night turns into dawn

I’ve been warned of all the monsters in my way
Still I thought with this shiny armour I’d be okay
But I was wrong, boy I was wrong

The winding road seems a little too long to see the end
Seems a little too dark to walk alone
But it’s a little too late to turn back
And a little too far away from home (X2)


I’ll be on my way to the yellow brick road
I’ve heard that treasures pile up in mountains there I swear
I’ll keep my eyes peeled on those fields of gold
I’ll be richer than the richest and as happy as a newborn

I’ve been warned that jewels can drown you with their weight
Still I thought opportunity never waits
But I was wrong, boy I was wrong

The winding road seems a little too long to see the end
Seems a little too dark to walk alone
But it’s a little too late to turn back
And a little too far away from home (X2)


I’ve hesitated posting this up for a while now because I find it regretful that I have just been posting up my originals consecutively. It’s not that any reader would find it irksome. It’s just that I have not been keeping up with purely writing, an act which I do miss and still do enjoy tremendously.

So the excerpt from above, which explains the genesis of the song, is a little different from what I’ve posted on other social media platforms thus far.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you’re well 🙂 And I hope that the next time you drop by here again, I’d be welcoming you with new pieces of writings.



Somewhere Nice

Here’s a new original that I co-wrote with Lingyun for our favourite Christmas season 🙂 The genesis of this song came from days of looping Joanna Dong’s joyful jazz rendition of 老实情歌 on Sing! China, and a couple of carolling practices with Hwa Chong Voices that got me in the Christmas mood!

Am beyond grateful to Lingyun for ploughing through the lyrics and the harmonies with me, allowing the song to take a new life of its own! Also check out her covers on insta @infrondem! Her smooth jazzy vocals are #goals! Special mention to Zhong Yi for helping us figure out the chords, and Callie for helping with the ukulele tabs so that I can play the accompaniment with greater ease. I wish I had half the talent of all of you oh gosh. Without your help, this song might very well only be completed next Christmas.

With that, there’s no better way for Lingyun and I to wish you a Merry Christmas than to present you with our song! It’s not perfect, but we sure hope it’s enough to bring you to a happy place this Christmas. Enjoy! 🙂
If you have a uke and want to play it too, here is the link for the chords:
Somewhere nice is where we’re going tonight
Somewhere nice the bells will shimmer into twilight
Somewhere nice is where the choirs will sing tonight
Somewhere nice is where I know we’ll be alright
And we’ll jingle along to our favourite songs
Under all the Christmas lights
Nothing sweeter than the smiles on the streets
And we’ll dance in our pretty new shoes
To the happiest of tunes
We’ll be part of something nice
Somewhere nice a feast of turkey with candlelight
Somewhere nice waistlines will surely fade out of sight
Somewhere nice is where the trees will light up in sparkling delight
Somewhere nice our cuddles will be extra warm and tight
What a lovely sight to see
Waited all year long for this
There’s no better way to say
Merry Christmas to you!!!


“Human” is a song borne out of a very trivial mistake. During an event, I absentmindedly misplaced an item borrowed from a venue personnel and frantically went back to him. As it turned out, he found the item lying around unattended and kept it on my behalf. He proceeded in chiding me nonetheless. Having made that mistake (God knows how careless I am), and compounded with other issues then, I went home feeling really terrible about myself.

A few days later, I sat down with my guitar and three words popped up, “I’m only human.” As I started writing, I figured that there really is no need to pick myself apart for the mistakes I’ve made. It’s not as though they were heinous crimes.

One quarter into Honours year, I think this message is more important than ever. More chase, more haste, more mistakes – I’ve honestly never seen friends around me this stressed out before. But this song’s a reminder to them and to myself: Don’t forget that you are only human, and sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to be a little kinder to yourself. 

Have a good day y’all!


It’s a funny world out there
People striving for their best
But who can keep up with the chase?
At least not without falling from grace

And I’m just one of them
Caught up in this mad race
Beating myself up over smallest of mistakes
But God knows who is keeping score

Sometimes we forget we’re only human
Perfection was never once an option
Sometimes we fall short of expectations
But were there ever rules to this game?

We’re only human x3

Sometimes we forget we’re only human
Making the best of what we have
We wear our calluses as medals
When all we want is a warm embrace

Farewell Letters

Friends would know what a fanatic I am for letters, especially farewell letters. But some goodbyes are harder than others. So here’s a song I’ve written, dedicated to every mate I’ve met in my 5 months in China.

Also, first collab with a friend whose ukulele cover of一期一会 ( Ichigo Ichie, or “one opportunity, one encounter”) laid the seed of inspiration for this song 

上海 | 无锡 | 张家界 | 北京 | 桂林 | 南京 | 四川 | 云南

I predict that I’ll be back in China v v soon. 😥


Days fluttered by
Sprinkled with a taste of blue
Spring came on by
And it left without a clue

We jumped at every opportunity to
See the world as it is
Its beauty and the not-so-pretty scenes
Fill us all with endless glee

But as quick as the wither of the flowers,
Our time for the ground has arrived
So we packed our bags up for our very last ride

I’d send my goodbyes in a letter to you,
In a letter to you, my friend
And I’d send my goodbyes in a letter to you,
In a letter to you, my friend

Words flickered on
Empty pages of the book
They can’t seem to bear
The weight of ink-soaked memories

(pre chorus)



Years will pass and we’ll meet again
Years will pass and we’ll meet again

Sama Sama

Habari! 🙂 Here on student exchange in Shanghai, I befriended my first Kenyan friend! In a rather unexpected way though – physical examination (what even). A while back, I caught up with him again over a meal, along with a few Singaporean friends. I can’t quite put my amazement (and gratefulness) for this whole encounter in prose, so I wrote it in a song.


I travelled miles and miles and was lucky to have found
Somebody just like you
You brought me into the world of another
Beyond the touristy brochures views

You shared a story of when you were young
You heard a man speaking Italian so you turned to your papa and said
“I wanna travel the world and learn all the languages.”
Your papa shook his head and said you would not
But then you grew into a fine young man
Speaking Chinese in a foreign land where we met
People laugh behind your back
“What’s a Black doing in our homeland?”
“我们都是人啊。” (We’re all human) was what you said

La la la la la la
We’re all one and the same
We’re all one and the same
La la la la la la
We’re all one and the same
One and the same

You told us all about your beautiful homeland
From the lions on the streets to the sweetness of the water
The air is so fresh we’d breathe in twice if we can
We’ve never heard that from the press
We only heard of people living from hand-to-mouth
You told us that is somewhat true, but we really ought to know
We’re all a basket filled with both good and bad
Don’t you ever tar them all with the same brush


I’m glad you proved your papa wrong
That’s what a heart could do if it wanted more
Mankind has colours aplenty but just the heart of one
If love could be a language
I think you’ve mastered it all

(Chorus x2)

P.S. Written on a particular sleepless night after all of us drank 3 cups of Kenyan tea each.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

On the Night of Christmas Eve

A mildly depressing original written this Christmas Eve. May all of your days (and nights) be merry and warm 🙂


It’s the 24th of December
A night meant to be happy for all

But here I am thinkin’ bout all the
people I’ve lost to time

I’m not one to find friends aplenty
So they must have been a treasure of sorts

Under all the lights in the city
I wished that their nights were merry and warm

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh x2